4D Light Field Benchmark

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are organizing the 2nd Workshop on Light Fields for Computer Vision at CVPR 2017 in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Please visit the workshop website for further details, the call for papers, and information on the depth estimation challenge.

Please visit the repositories on our project page on github to checkout the latest version of the various light field tools: https://github.com/lightfield-analysis.

Import/Export Scripts

To easily operate with our data, we provide Matlab and Python tools for file import/export. Please visit the respective repositories for further details.

We further recommend the light-weight cvkit developed by Heiko Hirschm├╝ller. It is a collection of visualization and conversion tools designed to work with PFM files. The official versions for Linux and Windows can be downloaded from the Middlebury benchmark page: http://vision.middlebury.edu/stereo/code/

Evaluation Toolkit

We provide an evaluation package with detailed submission instructions and source code of the evaluation toolkit (Python 2.7). You may use the toolkit to compute metric scores, validate submissions, and create figures. We further provide baseline algorithm results for the training and stratified scenes.

Blender Addon

Feel free to download our blender addon to create your own light field data. We are looking forward to see/hear about the awesome datasets that you create :)

blender-addon on github